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Chief Technology Officer

A cross platform tool that allows an optical lense to capture files from moving displays. Download files directly from displays without Internet, Bluetooth, NFC or any network protocal required. Check out video.


Project Details

  • Highly confidential as application is soon to RTM

Cloudflare Apps


Cloudflare Apps Platform


Project Details

  • Implemented in Javascript to allow users to edit and format HTML directly in the browser
  • Also now live on the Google Chrome Store

TFI Fellowship


Non-profit firm that connects young talent seeking experience with worthy causes in need of bandwidth to innovate transformative projects.


Project Details

  • Volunteering in recruitment process
  • Creating format for technical interviews
  • Inputting into the value proposition

Joƫlle Swim

Web Designer

A swimsuit line specializing in versatile garments that function in sports, swim, and typical daytime activities.

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Project Details

  • Designed website
  • Assisted in completion of business model
  • Conducted marketing campaigns.

Centipede Game


Video game that allows users to score points, grow dynamically, and “die” once lives run out from touching it’s own tail.

See on Github

Project Details

  • Designed fully functional Centipede game
  • Designed in C++